Remote Learning

Important Family Communications
March 20, 2020

This page provides students and parents with PDFs of paper-based assignments for 3/18-3/20 and access codes to King's Google Classrooms. Use these Google Classroom access codes to join a class if you are not already enrolled.

Learning will transition from paper based assignments to Google Classrooms beginning on Monday, 3/23.

Select the team from the left menu to access their resources.

If you are having trouble accessing a class, email the teacher or contact Peter Hill, Teaching Strategist, for support at

Public Help Desk

Phone HELPDESK: 207-874-8159
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Dear King Families,

We Are Crew!  This week we have come together to prepare for remote learning, support each other during this uncertain time, and set students up to be successful.  Thank you for picking up your child’s laptop and/or learning materials at school this week. We successfully distributed over 420 devices to our students to help prepare them for remote learning. 


  • This period of school closure is not a vacation.  Teachers are continuing to take students' learning seriously, and students are expected to do the same.  We appreciate your support at home helping our students adjust to the structures and expectations of remote learning.

  • Starting Monday, 3/23 we will transition to all work being assigned and submitted online via Google Classroom.  Please review the student and family expectations below.  

  • In addition to content standard grades, students will receive HOWLs grades in each class based on participation, engagement and/or completion of daily assignments.  We are working on guidelines for HOWLs expectations and will share them with students and families next week. 


Students are expected to...

Between 7:55am-12pm, 


Do your daily Crew Check In 

  • Log in to your Crew Google Classroom. This might be a new Google Classroom for you.  Access codes can be found on the KMS website Remote Learning tab (

  • Complete the Crew “check-in” .  This is how we will take school attendance every day.  To be marked present for the day you must complete this check in by 12pm.

During the day,


Work on your academic classes

  • Check your school google email for messages from teachers.

  • Remember- your email is your STUDENT

  • Check all of your google classrooms.  You now have one for EVERY King class including language and PE.  If you don’t have the access codes, you can find that at

  • Complete daily work in the Google Classroom for each of your classes.  

  • Pay close attention to due dates and read all directions carefully. If you have questions about directions or expectations on an assignment, reach out to the teacher for help. We are all here to support you! 

Take care of yourself!

  • We do not expect you to be at your computer all day!  

  • We encourage you and your family to make a schedule for remote learning at home.  

  • Please get outside, exercise, read a book, and take frequent breaks.  

  • Be sure to drink lots of water, practice social distancing, and take care of yourself!


Families are expected to...

Between 7:55-12:00pm, 


Call your student out if they need to be absent from remote learning (due to illness, etc)

During the day,


Check to be sure your student:

  • is able to connect with their teachers in an effort to engage in their remote learning instruction.  Teachers are available to answer emails or connect virtually when needed. This is new learning for all so don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

  • is checking their school email daily

  • is completing their daily assigned work through each of the Google Classrooms for each class they are currently taking. 



Beginning March 16, Charter Communications Inc, a broadband connectivity company that owns Spectrum, is offering free internet to households with children that are K-12 and/or college students for 60 days. This offer only applies to those who do not already have Spectrum as an internet provider. 

To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.

Food Reminder

Pre-packaged meals (lunch and breakfast for the next day) are available at King to school-aged children from 10:00am-12:00pm daily, Monday-Friday.  All children under 18 are eligible to receive a meal. Distribution will be organized to minimize contact. Families can “drive or walk up” to the outdoor station in the bus loop.

We know this is a challenging time for students and families.  Please know that we are doing our best to ensure that learning continues and that all students are well connected with teachers and peers.  We will continue to do our best to keep you up to date. Please feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions.

If you need support from our Multilingual office please call  the HELPDESK: 207-874-8159. 


Caitlin LeClair, Principal

Craig Hanson, Assistant Principal