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PPS Network Outage Impacts Schools

Since late yesterday, a PPS network outage has affected Portland High School, King Middle School, East End and Reiche elementary schools and Portland Adult Education. We had expected to get the system back in place today, Thursday, Nov. 17, but we have not been able to make that happen.  

As a result, Portland High School and King Middle School will be learning remotely tomorrow, Friday, November 18. There will be NO school in person or remote for East End and Reiche elementary schools. Portland Adult Education will hold classes as usual. 

The district’s  phone and intercom systems are tied to the network. Without access to the network, the schools cannot communicate internally in case of emergencies. Secondary schools like PHS and King are able to transition to remote instruction because all students have a computer issued to them, but at elementary schools – in this case, East End and Reiche – students do not have individual computers.

We apologize for this inconvenience.  We expect that we will be able to get the system back to operating over the weekend and return to in-person instruction on Monday, Nov. 21.