Windsor 6 - All Stars Expedition

Windsor 6 -- All Stars

Student Views of the Expedition 

A multimedia feature produced by students of Windsor 6. Media by Hannah, Margaret, Evan, Acy, Sarah, Eleanor, and Nozima


Windsor 6 All Stars was our very first expedition at King Middle School. Our guiding questions for it were "How am I unique?" and "How am I a team player?"  We answered these questions in the course of finishing this expedition. The Portland Seadogs played a big part in helping us finish our expedition, and we owe them a big thank you for allowing us to use their field for our culmination.

Our kickoff

For the kickoff of our expedition, Windsor 6 All Stars went to Deering Oaks Park.  We played a series of initiatives. The Sea Dogs helped us throughout our expedition.  Ms. Riley and Mr. Cameron from the Seadogs  came to talk to us about our guiding questions, "How am I unique?" and "How am I a team player?". There was also a surprise visit from Slugger, the team's mascot. All in all the kick off was tons of fun!

In each of our classes...

An important characteristic of learning expeditions is that students work on the expedition topic in all of their classes.  For the All Stars expedition, we worked on the content that would eventually show up on our rookie cards in each class.  In math, for example, we learned about ratios and propotioning which made it possible for us to accurately scale our self-portraits for the rookie cards.  You can learn about what we did in each class through the link to the left. More

Our cards

Every expedition has a final product that captures what we learned in our own words, pictures, sounds, peformances, etc.  Our final product for this expedition was our rookie cards.   The cards were modeled after traditional baseball cards.

Click to see our cards


At the end of our expedition we had our culminating event at Hadlock Field, home of the Portland Sea Dogs.  We all sang the National Anthem and Mr. McCarthy gave a speech.  By then base group 201 was already down on the field.  Everybody ran around the bases and had their cards flashed on the Jumbotron while the announcer read a fact from the back of each student's card over the stadium loudspeakers.  While the base groups switched, our classmates Eleanor, Emma, Paloma, Jake and Caroline gave speeches.  It was a great finale for our first expedition at King.