Scientific Analysis

Windsor 7 -- River to the Sea

Our Scientific Analysis Papers 

For the final product of the expedition, each student created a scientific analysis based upon the data collected in the field and in our research at school.  Each report included an introduction, a history section, a review of our fieldwork process, our findings, an analysis of the overall health of the ecosystem, and a bibliography.  Reports varied from 8 -16 pages in length.  These reports were shared with the public at the culminating event.

An Excerpt

This test that we took was on nitrogen and every site that we visited had very good levels of it. At East End River Mouth there was excellent amounts of it. There was a perfect amount.  That is good because that might mean that they had good levels of dissolved oxygen.  Because there is a good amount, when the plants start to decompose there will still be enough oxygen for all of the other plants. That is the same for Muskrat Loop and Stroudwater Sanctuary.

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