Fieldwork and Journals

River to the Sea -- Fieldwork

Fieldwork Sites by Jess and Carissa

The students in Windsor 7 set out during the late fall and visited the four sites on The Four River. We collected data about the water and land. Each student was assigned a plant to study. These plants were found at each site. The reason why we did this was to tell the public about the health of the river.

Capisic pond was  our first site that we visited. The water was  fresh. The narrow paths went along the pond. The area was mostly clean, but the gorilla cage was somewhat polluted. The plants seemed mostly healthy, even though house surrounded the area. All the water tests at Capisic Pond had good ratings, on our health continuum. Capisic got a higher mark than others. 

Stroudwater Sanctuary was our second site. The sanctuary is located of of Congress street. The water there was brackish, and it was the only site with a bit of late succession.  There was a lot of wild life at Stroudwater. Some of the plants were healthy. The water test were good except for were the runoff came in from the streets. There was a good amount of human impact, because of the railroad and the trash. On the health continuum the mark was okay.

Our third site, Muskrat Loop, was located off of the Congress Street exit of 295. We call it Muskrat Loop because of the muskrats living. This sites was the most polluted site that we visited. There was a lot of trash, and the railroad was polluted too.  The water test got bad marks. One stream had orange fungus growing in it. It was hard for some people to find there plant because the soil was polluted. The over all rating was not good, because of all the pollution.

The fourth site we visited was East End River Mouth. That is where the Fore River meets the sea. It had the most human impact of all the sites. Because of the impact it was hard for some people to find there plant.  The wide tar paths went around the whole site. There were boat yards around the area, and the new Ocean Gate project is going in there. The rating for the East End on the Health Continuum were not so great because of the human impact.