Student Views - River to Sea

Windsor 7 -- River to the Sea

Student Views of the Expedition by Drew, Gabi, Ashley, Carissa, Jess

Our Focus

River to the Sea was the fall expedition for Windsor 7.  We explored the health of the Fore River ecosystem, which flows from Capisic Pond, through Stroudwater Marsh, and finally drains into the Casco Bay at Portland's commercial waterfront.  To assess the quality of the river, we collected a variety data at several locations within the Fore River ecosystem and eventually shared our finding before the mayor of Portland and members of the public  in the City Council chambers.

Fieldwork and Journals

Over the course of 43 days we visited four different locations along the Fore River.  While we were there we took different tests, and used different tools to get information on the plant that each student was assigned.  The six tests that we took included pH, phosphates, nitrates, salinity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen.  The students also looked for clues of human impact and damage caused by nature to see if the area was healthy for plant and animal life.  All of this information was recorded in a fieldwork journal

Art in our Expedition

Each student made a water color painting and silhouette of the plant they were assigned.  The water color painting was used as the the cover of each students scientific analysis.  They tried to match the color, size and shape as close as they could to the actual picture.  All of the students at least doubled the size of the picture and made the colors as close to print out as possible.

See the water color paintings.  See the silhouettes.

Scientific Analysis

For the final product of the expedition, each student created a scientific analysis based upon the data collected in the field and in our research at school.  Each report included an introduction, a history setion, a review of our fieldwork process, our findings, an analysis of the overall health of the ecosystem, and a bibliography.  Reports varied from 8 -16 pages in length.  These reports were shared with the public at the culminating event.  

Culminating Event

Our culminating event took place at City Hall in Portland in the City Council Chambers.  Students presented the findings of our fieldwork to the Mayor and members of the public.  The presentations were followed by a reception.  Every student shared his or her work with at least two guests.

See images from the day.