Spring Expedition - Greece is the World

Windsor 7: Greece is the Word Documentaries and Performance Spring 2011
Media by Ben, Nathan, Josh, Henry, Harry, Sahra, Letta, Peter, Manuela, Connor, Maddy, Grace, Nick, Rocco, Liwen, Varassy, and Soleil


Documentaries from the Expedition

Teacher Preview
Architecture Walk
Architecture Walk


In the spring of 2011, Windsor 7 students experienced their first history-based expedition. They examined daily life in Ancient Greece, and researched how that culture influenced our modern world in the realms of art, government, literature, and theatre. Students studied the adventures of Odysseus through an abridged version of The Odyssey, and wrote journal entries from Odysseus' point of view. They embodied gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus, and as part of a unit on ceramics, students made Greek vases in art class. The discoveries of Greek mathematicians and astronomers formed the basis for exploration in math and science, including a study of our solar system. The expedition culminated in an original five-act performance that included roles for every student in the house.


Watch the Culminating Event : Greece is the Word