Small Acts of Courage

Windsor 7: Small Acts of Courage Documentaries and Final Products
Media by Angelo, Aren, Curran, Natalie, Nate, Nirmala, Noah, Sam, and Sasha

Documentaries from the Expedition

At the Glickman Library
Our Interviews
Bill Browder
The Writing Process
March on Washington

Windsor 7 - Small Acts of Courage Culminating Event
The South
The Midwest
The Northeast
The Military
Washington and Song

The expedition Small Acts of Courage is about the contributions of individuals to our nation's Civil Rights Movement. Inspired by current events and history, we chronicled the stories of local citizens who had important stories to tell about their experiences and contributions during the Civil Rights era. As students at King Middle School, it is sometimes difficult to imagine a place in which anyone could be hostile towards another person because of skin color. Even as we learned about the Civil Rights Movement and what happened then, it still seemed to be a separate world. Yet the people we interviewed reminded us that, not long ago, racism was a reality across the country. And, though we have made great progress, the work continues today.

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