Me to We

Windsor 6 Me to We iCards Explained

Produced by the Windsor 6 Media Crew: Eleanor G, Henry, Eedy, Brandon, Jacob, Matty, and Reillyninja

For our expedition, Me to We, our final product was an iCard. All students made iCards explaining different qualities and attributes of themselves.

1. What I Bring

The what I bring section of our iCards allowed us to share an important trait through a small paragraph and a unique photo. We discovered our traits in language arts class, and wrote short stories about our chosen traits.  Our language arts teacher helped us choose the best part of our stories to put on our iCards. In science class we posed for our pictures so we could show our unique traits.

2. Stats and Favorites

On the iCards students also showed their stats and favorites. Stats included our height,  our eye color, our hair color, whether we are righty or lefty, etc. Favorites include our favorite foods, bands, numbers, etc.

3. Genetic Wheel

The genetic wheel is a way every student showed his or her genetic traits, such as widow's peak, chin dimples, and left or right handedness. We colored in our genetic traits to determine whether or not we had dominant or recessive traits. This led to our genetic number, which was a way to compare some of our traits with our peers.

4. Personal Historical Timeline

In Social Studies, we created our personal timelines which had to include 10 facts about our lives.  Other than our birth date, the facts we chose were up to us.  Eventually we put our timelines into a computer using Pages in the computer lab.  The finished timelines were screen-captured and added to our iCards as images.

5. Making our Mini Me

For the back of the cards we made mixed-media self portraits. In math class, we measured the different parts of our bodies (arms, legs, torso, shoulders, and height), and then drew ourselves at 1/8th our real size with the parts proportional. For our faces, we learned to mask digital photos of ourselves and combine our drawings with the photos on our laptops.