Fall Expedition -- The Faces of King

York 6 - Student Views of the Expedition Faces of King Fall 2010

The Amazing Race
Graphic Design
Greening Day
Drawing Photos
Visiting PHS

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About the Producers

These video documentaries were produced by the York 6 Media Crew for fall 2010:
Rose, Taylor, Justine, Brooks, Owen, Will, Rosemary, Hugh, Luci, Christian, Helen, Carli, Keneth, Salina, and Zoe.

In our first expedition, The Faces of King, our subject was the Expeditionary Learning model. While experiencing the parts of an expedition, we met the many people who create the culture at King. We examined the rights and responsibilities of a King student, as well as of a citizen of Maine and the United States. We explored the demographics of our population here at King, and in science we studied the interdepence of systems, applying that to the inner workings of King. For our product, we created brochures that will be distributed to new students and visitors to our building. In our culminating event, parents participated in the “fastest expedition ever”, an interactive student-led presentation designed to teach our parents how we learn here at King.

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Pictures from Our Culminating Event

PC164683.JPG PC164604.JPG PC164605.JPG PC164607.JPG PC164608.JPG PC164609.JPG PC164610.JPG PC164613.JPG PC164615.JPG PC164616.JPG PC164618.JPG PC164624.JPG PC164625.JPG PC164626.JPG PC164627.JPG PC164631.JPG PC164632.JPG PC164634.JPG PC164635.JPG PC164636.JPG PC164637.JPG PC164641.JPG PC164646.JPG PC164647.JPG PC164648.JPG PC164653.JPG PC164655.JPG PC164658.JPG PC164659.JPG PC164660.JPG PC164662.JPG PC164671.JPG PC164672.JPG PC164673.JPG PC164677.JPG PC164680.JPG