Expedition Leads to Major Historical Discovery

Major Discovery of Colonial Journals at Historic Sites in Boston

by Tate

Students from King Middle School in Portland, Maine Uncover Major Cache of Journals from Events that Helped Spark the American Revolution

Windsor Seven's Sparks of Liberty expedition would have been very ordinary if it were not for an amazing discovery.  On Tuesday, May 6th, 2008, the students from King Middle School got on a bus and went south to tour Boston, learning about life in this great city 300 years ago, in the time leading up to the American Revolution. The trip was very educational, and to the surprise of many seventh graders, quite fun.
However the word fun doesn't begin to describe what it became when, around 1:00, at the Old South Meeting House, two girls whose names are being withheld became bored and wandered away from the group. As they absent-mindedly walked down the sidewalk, they noticed a peculiar grate, and happened to glance into the hole. What they found was the most amazing thing imaginable. Believe it or not, their findings were a collection of nearly-300 year old diary entries and letters! Everyone's eyes widened as these girls walked back to the group, now carrying a dust-covered box. They were so amazed at the discovery of the contents of the box that it cannot be put into words.
The letters depicted the lives of average people in colonial Boston, as well as the happenings of this very extraordinary city at this time. The teachers quickly had a team meeting and asked the students to review these documents, select the most important, and share this revealing information with the world. Each student selected three of the most important letters from each citizen. We now present to you these letters, the final production of Windsor 7's Sparks of Liberty expedition.