1000 Years without a Bath?

Student Views of the Expedition

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Writing our Skits

Final Rehearsals and Performance

The Feast




In the autumn and winter months our expedition 1000 Years Without A Bath? was in full swing. We were working so hard on our effort filled skits, or finding out about medieval vocabulary. Our expedition began with roles being given out, and soon after that, we met real medieval men and women.....sort of. The SCA came and had us get right into medieval times. It was all successful from there. The skits, the characters, the costumes all fell into place. We are very thankful for the opportunity to perform at the State Street Church. We all were transformed into medieval men and women.


Have you ever heard of the hard times of the Middle Ages? Did you ever wonder what a joust was? We found out by being visited by the Society for Creative Anachronism this year for our expedition. They first showed us what the middle ages were like, all of us were so suprised on how amazing it was! They also passed around eqiptment that medieval sodiers would wear during the battle. They even showed us very loud and thrilling examples of what a joust would look like without the horses.

Do you know what a anachronism means?


During the beginning of the expedition our social studies teacher Mr. Michaud gave us our medieval roles. During his class we researched what our medieval character did and wrote a personna about what he/she was like. In language arts we wrote a memoir about a typical week in the life of our character. We also made our own costumes according to what our character might wear.

Learning and Writing:

Once the students of York 7 were assigned their roles from Mr. Michaud, the students were asked to do extensive research on their character for Social Studies and Language Arts. In each Social Studies Class students were put in to pairs of 4-6 people for their skit. In Language Arts we would soon be writing a memoir about our character. These memoirs were to be put into specific format and have daily entries almost like dairy.

When we were done researching our character the groups collaborated and started writing their script. Each skit needed to be at least three minutes long and reach the other requirements Mr. Michaud made. After we thought our skits were done we got them edited and revised by Mr. Michuad. In Mrs. Hatch’s class we were all working on our essays going in depth with details and information about our person. When we had our final teacher edits we printed off a fresh copy and handed it in. We worked very hard on our memoirs and our skits. Overall the learning and writing process went well, and we gained a lot from these experiences.

Rehearsing and Performing:

Our culminating event for A Thousand Years Without A Bath? was held on December 21 at the State Street Church. The church was chosen for it’s Medieval architecture and theater. Students walked to the church from King Middle School in costume. This was quit a sight!

Students began the event with a final dress rehearsal. This was the first time the students had seen all the skits. Mr. Michaud gave us last minute tips. We were ready for our performance.

Parents, teachers, friends and adminstrators were anxiously waiting in the hall. They were let into the theater. It was a full house! Students performed their skits. It was very amusing, fun and exiciting!

And, of Course... Feasting!

After the standing ovations we received for being so wonderful, we plopped ourselves down at the grand medieval table with a plastic table cloth, and ate a feast. The feast consisted of delectable roasted chicken breast, and delicious potatos, yellow corn [off the cob] , fruity capri suns and medieval, frosting covered cookies. Then, some of the students were lucky enough to get to read their memoirs in front of the house. We corrinated our new King, King Gaseric! [Barry] He told us all to all raise our capri suns to how much we ROCK!

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