Y7 Past Expeditions

Expeditions from the past

Spring 2014 -- WaterME

For our spring expedition, York 6 will be diving into the world of watershed sustainability by trawling for ways we and our community can keep things that are out of sight in mind. Service learning opportunities will provide students with real action for change, and we'll research solutions to current stormwater runoff issues in Portland that affect both local rivers and streams and Casco Bay. Partners from the City of Portland, USM, Cumberland County Soil and Water District, and others will guide us in considering how individuals and businesses in Portland can reduce negative impacts on the Bay. As a result of our research and learning, we'll write and submit editorials to local media, encouraging Greater Portland to become more involved in sustaining our beautiful Casco Bay and local rivers. Our culminating event will showcase student recommendations to reduce and slow down runoff from urban properties.

Fall 2013 -- Our House

The students of York 6 will be exploring what a community is and how individuals play a larger part in a community during their fall expedition, Our House. Using If the World Were A Village as an anchor text, students will examine their house of 100 and discover commonalities among its members and celebrate its differences. To understand their community, students will survey themselves as well as the larger King and Portland community and interpret the data to calculate the measure of central tendency. Then working in small teams, students will create a picture book that reflects both themselves in the past, present, and future, and York 6 as a cohesive unit that devotes time to collaborating and to the success of all of the members of the King Middle School, York 6 community.

Our Fall Expedition: Taking Care of Business Fall 2011

The students of York 6 will be exploring the world of business through the five themes of geography.  Each student will research a non-profit business and develop a strategy for starting his or her own non-profit in an area of the world that reflects a need.  The students will be responsible for constructing a formal business proposal, and presenting the plan at the culminating event, where guests can invest in the enterprise of their choosing. The expedition is literacy-driven with plenty of math concepts and other exciting learning opportunities.  

Our Spring Expedition: Alien Invaders Spring 2011

York 7 is fighting Alien Invaders! No, not from outer space.... The students and teachers of York 7 are joining forces with the City of Portland to address Maine's invasive species epidemic. Along the way, we will be collecting data on invasive species in Maine and across the US. As scientists, we will work to study invasives at Biddeford pool and to reduce an invasive plant in Portland. We'll become science reporters and newspaper editors to bring you breaking news of this world-wide issue.

Fall 2010: A Thousand Years Without a Bath

York 7 will soon kick off their medieval expedition, A Thousand Years Without a Bath. Students will examine life in the middle ages and take a close look at the genre of historical fiction.  Students will use their research to write a memoir in the genre, which will be presented at the culminating event.  We will also be performing a musical at the culminating event.  Author and actor visits, field work at local theater companies,  and The Society for Creative Anachronism are all planned for York 7 students this fall.

Spring 2010: Urban Oasis 

Students at King Middle School in York 6 have connected with Friends of Deering Oaks for their spring expedition, Urban Oasis. Students will be collecting data about the health of the trees, conducting a tree inventory and testing soil samples in Deering Oaks Park. Students will assume the role of steward, arborist and soil scientists. They will report their findings to city officials and Friends of Deering Oaks.  York 6 students will be busy this season providing spring clean up and becoming life-long stewards of Deering Oaks Park!

Fall 2009: Taking Care of Business 

Starting mid-October, the students of York 6 will be getting paid for coming to school, completing homework, helping classmates, and being respectful. With their earnings, the students will be creating businesses in small groups and putting their work to the test at the York 6 Carnival in December. There’s plenty of math to be completed (Ms. Murphy is the Banker), taxes to be paid (Mr. Michaud is the government), and formal business proposals to be written for the Executive Director of the York 6 Carnival, Mrs. Hatch.