Soil Superheroes Brochures

Windsor 7: Our Soil Superheroes Brochures
Produced by Sam, Noah, Sasha, Nate, Aren, Natalie, Curran, and Angelo

The students of Windsor 7 have uncovered the life supporting roles that some 21 species of bacteria perform in our soil. Working with professional microbiologists and a cartoonist, each student created an informational pamphlet, detailing the role of a bacterium. The pamphlets include bacteriocentric comics in which each tiny microbe shares some basic facts about its existence.

The pamphlets are available at local farms and nurseries to showcase the very important roles of bacteria in recycling the elements carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur.

Walking in the shoes (or rather, flagella) of a bacterium is no easy task for beings of our size. These brochures celebrate the world shaping work done everyday by microbes that most of us have never seen. We hope you’ll enjoy the scenes and then think twice the next time you reach for an antibiotic

To download a full quality brochures by Carlos, click here.

Did You Know?
Soil Super Heroes was featured on the Edutopia website.

Download a full quality brochure by Carlos