King Traditions

Faculty Talent Show and Auction:  Every spring, in order to raise money for our annual experiences with Rippleffect, the faculty puts on a talent show that is paired with a silent auction.  Our very talented staff perform one night to a spirited, sell out crowd.  The sometimes less talented, but courageous teachers also join in the fun and perform. It is a cornerstone event at King that brings together staff, students, and families. Parents play a critical role in ensuring that this event is successful.

Multicultural Meals and Stories: This is a tradition where all members of the King community, including students, families, and staff, are invited to share their favorite meals and the stories that go with them. Attendees are invited to bring their favorite meal to share with others. Books and writing materials are also distributed to take home.

Celebration of Learning:  One way that students at King have the opportunity to be in the spotlight in front of their community is through the annual Celebration of Learning held each spring.  The Celebration of Learning is a special moment for all students, where they communicate their learning as they showcase their high-quality work and products. In this way, students are able to share their mastery of knowledge and skills with an audience far beyond the school walls. We welcome our families to this event, to discover all the amazing work our students are creating and sharing.

King’s Annual School Play: King’s annual school play, put on by the Drama Club, includes over 100 students in both cast and crew. Over the 3-4 month commitment, students work very hard at keeping up their schoolwork first and foremost, followed by rehearsals and crew meetings. Parent support has always been amazing to accommodate the changing schedule, and the results - two school day performances for fellow peers and two evening performances for parents and the public - are quite exciting!  

Site Seminar and Fall Institute: King welcomes hundreds of visitors every year to learn about our instructional model, and to observe students engaged in authentic activities. We host a day-long Fall Institute and  a three-day Site Seminar each spring,  as well as daylong professional development seminars.  Educators from across the country investigate project based learning, explore dynamic school culture, and learn from a staff with a professional mindset of continuous improvement.