Spring Expedition - May the Forces be with Us!

Windsor 6: May the Forces Be With Us! Documentaries and Performance
Media by Anneke, Nat, Meghana, Mounir, Ian, Maria, Lilly, Ben, Peter, Jerzy, Liva, Grace, Yai, and Lukas H.

Gravity, heat, wind, and water are a powerful troupe of forces at work in the universe. Individually and as partners, they cruise the cosmos creating change. In this expedition, we encouraged students to ask themselves:
  • How do these forces shape Earth and objects in space?
  • How do these forces impact cultures and history?
  • How does measurement help us understand these forces?
We travelled to the Southworth Planetarium at USM to see how astronomers explain the creation of objects in space. Throughout the expedition we examined the forces at work in several different settings. We found out how early humans described these forces in myth and story, and researched the forces at work in space and on Earth in specific events such as hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. Our final product was an interpretive performance staged at King Middle School.

Every student made a ZINE that captured major pieces of the curriculum and served as a program.

Watch the Culminating Event
Gravity: Earthquake Fish
Heat: The Coming of Fire
Wind: Keeper of the Winds
Water: Earth and Sky Reconcile