Spring Expedition - Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences 2011-- Documentaries and Final Products Spring 2011
Media by Sam, Aren, Ben, Hope, Natalie, Katherine, Flannery, Ella, Keyly, Nate, Curran, Mica, Azari, and Michika.

What is the truth?
Why and how do people manipulate the truth?

Representations of "the truth" are pervasive. In this expedition, we examined media literacy, advertising, and, on a broader scale, propaganda.

Every student selected an issue that they felt was under represented by the media. Using graphic design and advertising techniques taught by faculty and students from the Maine College of Art, each Windsor 8 student produced a truth ad, with accompanying graphs and essays, designed to bring their topics to light.

The ads were exhibited to the public at the Rhines Auditorium at the Portland Public Library in June 2011.

These are our posters...