Our School

Our School
King Middle School serves the most racially, ethnically, and economically diverse neighborhoods in the state of Maine. More than 170 of King's approximately 520 students speak 28 languages and come from 17 countries.

King Middle School is dedicated to the idea that we can create a school where all kids succeed at a high level. Our school wide model is Expeditionary Learning. Our students engage in eight to twelve week experiential learning expeditions. These expeditions are in-depth and interdisciplinary in nature and require students to engage in sophisticated research, use the community in authentic ways, and represent their knowledge with high quality products which are presented to legitimate audiences.

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PBS Newshour features King learning expedition
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Facts at a Glance
• Number of Students: 520
• Number of Teachers: 60
• Languages Spoken: 28
• Countries Represented: 17

King Leadership Team
- Caitlin LeClair
Assistant Principal
- Pat Crowley-Rockwell
Teaching Strategist
- Peter Hill

Office Team
Administrative Assistant
Mark Hubbard
Liz Meahl

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Student Services
Academic, Health, Social Work, and Guidance Services