Compost Guardians

 Compost Guardian  

The King Compost Guardians

The King Compost Guardians are school leaders in helping to reduce food waste and increase sustainability at King. The most important role of a Compost Guardian is to help teach people the correct way to sort trash at breakfast and lunchtime.

Did you know that one of the top 3 things we can do to halt and reverse climate change is to stop wasting food?  Are you interested in doing a community service opportunity to help us reduce our food waste at King? Then, talk to Ms. Valentine about joining the King Compost Guardians. Ms. Valentine supervises the King Compost Guardian team. We meet on Day 5 during TLT/Activity Block. Her office is located next to the library, in Room 102.

Service opportunities for Compost Guardians include:
  • Monitoring sorting of waste during once-weekly breakfast and/or lunch shifts
 Sorting education
  • Designing/creating new signs to educate about proper sorting practices
 Compost SignMake Signs
  • Determining improvements to the sorting stations in the school
Sorting Improvements
  • Collecting returnable bottles from around the school to raise money for Compost Guardian Initiatives
 Bottle return
  • Any other ideas for student-led initiatives are welcome!
Other ideas?!