Monhegan 8

Welcome to Monhegan 8

Welcome to all of our returning and new students! We are really excited about the year and will be posting information about our new expedition soon.

Previous Expedition


    This fall, Windsor 8 students will develop a comprehensive future plan for specific neighborhoods in the city of Portland. Students will investigate how a city plans for sustainable growth by examining the original development, current, and future use of Fort Gorges in Casco Bay. Students will begin with a case study, then visit the historic fort to learn how a future plan is developed. What are the complexities of who gets to decide the future of a place? Students will also look at use of public space, energy, and housing on the peninsula and Portland at-large by visiting these historic and vital neighborhoods. With visits from neighborhood association representatives, speakers on solar, off-shore wind, and tidal power, students will then begin to answer the following guiding questions: How do we plan for sustainable growth for Portland in 2025? How can I affect change in Portland rather than be affected by it?  Students will culminate by presenting their models, ideas, and comprehensive plan to community members, neighborhood association members, and representatives from the planning and urban development board.