One to One: Technology Integration at King

A Computer for Every Student and Teacher

Every student and each of our teachers has an iPad or laptop in school. One to one computing at King is the realization of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI). Since 2002, MLTI has provided all seventh and eighth grade students and teachers in Maine with computers. Starting in the spring of 2006, Portland Schools elected to purchase the state's previously used iBooks for 6th grade students as part of an agreement between Apple and MLTI.

Curriculum and Support for One to One

Real Tools for Real Work
Computers and learning are a natural fit at King. Our curriculum is based around learning expeditions -- 10 to 12 week interdisciplinary projects in which students assume professional roles, conduct authentic research and fieldwork, and represent their learning in professional-style products. Computers and media technology are used in every step of the process.

In 2004, King's music program went digital.

Growing our Practice
We have expanded instructional and technical support for technology integration (See Integrated School). Since 2000, King has transitioned from one computer teacher to a technology teaching and support team of three full-time teachers. We have a growing number of technology integration experts among our subject-area teachers, and have transformed several previously non-technical courses to technology-rich learning environments focused on 21st-century literacy and information skills. In addition, all students and teachers have access to project-based instruction and contemporary media tools in our shared media and production labs.

Authors of their Learning in the Media of their Age

King students and teachers have a long history of producing high-quality, content-rich products. More than ever, these products are planned, produced and presented digitally. Our students are preparing for a media rich future, where both discriminating consumption of information and effective production and presentation of information have equal value. Please take some time to explore the work of our student authors in house and expedition sections of the site.

Integration Team
David Mann (BTC)
- 6th Grade Computer, Technology Integration, Building Technology Coordinator

Kevin Gulliver
- Education Technician

Software Instructions
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File Sharing
Network Overview and Access
Shared Teaching Resources
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Collaborative Links
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