School Structures at King

Vertical Housing and Program Design
King uses a vertical housing structure that integrates related arts programs into houses and supports the development of close-knit teams for students and teachers.
  • Three-year school-wide programs include crew time, activity block, physical education and a wellness program that incorporates health and sex education.
  • Support for technology integration and development among students and teachers provided by related arts classes
  • The ELL program consists of a team of four ELL teachers who provide a combination of embedded mainstream support and direct language instruction
  • Special Education support follows a push-in model with specific times for direct instruction

king vertical housing

About Our Schedule

King is set up like a confederacy of schools. Each house has flexibility with the design of its own schedule within a school wide framework. Frequently, houses choose to temporarily modify their schedules to meet the needs of their expeditions.

Key components of this kind of scheduling include:

  • Eliminating school wide bells to change classes;
  • Providing each house with its own wing or section of the school;
  • Integrating related arts teachers into house teams (see related arts).