Related Arts at King

Grade 6 Scientific Communications 1
1 Semester
Students receive 1 semester of computer classes in grade 6, and project-based instruction in all 3 years at King.
1 Semester
Students receive 1 semester of music class with Ms. Kazukiewicz Orchestra, band, and chorus are available to all grades.
Grade 7 Art
1 Semester
Ms. Wellehan joins each seventh grade house for one semester to teach visual arts.  Students' artistic work often connects to the expedition
1 Semester

Grade 8 Enginering Design
1 Semester
Students actively engage in "hands-on/minds-on" learning, designing and creating 3D solutions to real problems.
Scientific Communications 2
1 Semester
Students explore systems of information and develop techniques for interpreting, organizing and communicating data in electronic media.

Three-year school-wide programs include crew time, foreign language, reading and a wellness program that incorporates health, physical education, sex education, and a ropes course.

Related Arts Teachers
Scientific Communications
- David Mann (BTC)
- Scott Comstock
- Bridget Kazukiewicz (Class & Chorus)
- Julianne Eberl (Orchestra)
- Audrey Cabral (Band)
Mary Wellehan

Engineering Design 
Gus Goodwin