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Thursday, October 15th- A day

Hello from the library: Please please return books and audiobooks from last year. We still have so many out. If you have lost them, you can email Ms Hanley to ask about how to make some small payment towards replacing them. 

We have been receiving many requests for books from students, and want our students reading.  Please remember that you may have 2 things on hold total; DVDs don't go out to students, only to teachers, so please don't put holds on them. Check out the Library Google classroom for more information. 

Thank you, and happy reading

Wednesday, October 14th remote day

Do you have a favorite team?  Maybe it's the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics or Patriots.  It could be a soccer team or even a Portland or Deering team.  Whatever it may be- show some team spirit and wear the team colors to school on:

Thursday for A students

Friday for B students.


From Ms. A-L 

King Middle School has a food send home program.  If you would like to receive a bag a food to take home to your family once a week, please email your crew teacher or Ms. A-L at