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Teams & Crews

Each grade level at King Middle School is divided into two academic teams. When students enroll at King, they are placed into one of these teams. The King community has six academic teams in total that are named after geographical features of Maine: Moxie and Sebago, Kineo and Moosehead, and Matinicus and Mohegan.

"We are Crew, Not Passengers"

Teams are further divided into crews.  At King we have a "Crew" structure to ensure that every student is known well by at least one significant adult who acts as an advocate for the student's success.  Our goal is for every student to be known, respected, and cared for as well as provided with opportunities for leadership.

A crew is a group of approximately 10 - 20 students.  The crew structure provides each student with a one-to-one relationship with a crew teacher - an adult advisor - at the school, as well as a consistent and ongoing small-scale peer community.  Crews meet for at least 30 minutes each morning and for 20 minutes during the middle of the day.

Crew time is used for initiatives such as team-building exercises and group discussions that help establish crew identity and positive school culture.  Crew is a time for teachers to create a safe and friendly environment that welcomes every student’s voice, teachers help children focus on learning in the classroom.

Crews also meet regularly to make progress toward their academic goals.  Targeted Learning Time (TLT) is a class time when students work quietly and independently towards completing assignments and determining the learning targets on which they should focus.  TLT meets twice per week.

Sometimes all the crews within a team gather together for a Community Meeting. Community Meetings are a time to share important announcements, address concerns, and celebrate successes. Crew teachers strive to support the social-emotional development of the team so that community meetings can be primarily student led.