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Visiting King

King welcomes hundreds of visitors every year. Most come to learn about technology integration and Expeditionary Learning. We are delighted to share our work. In an effort to consolidate group visits, we have set up a variety of opportunities for visitors to join us this year.

King to Host Expeditionary Learning Site Seminar A Middle School for All - May 7 and 8, 2015

Please join King students, faculty and administration for our nationally sponsored site seminar: A Middle School for All. During these two active days, we will focus on Expeditionary Learning as a school-wide design to help all students achieve at high levels. Participants will observe classes and interact with teachers, teacher teams, students and administrators.

Attend or Schedule a Day-long Professional Development Seminar at King Middle School

These daylong professional development seminars are conducted by King's leadership team and can be designed to meet your school's needs. In addition to sessions focused on Expeditionary Learning and our transition to standards-based grading, participants interact with students and teachers, exploring how King maintains a culture of continuous improvement, and what that could mean for participants' schools. Leadership teams and teaching teams are encouraged to attend. To inquire about up-coming seminars, or to arrange a professional development seminar, contact Caitlin LeClair (leclac@portlandschools.org).

King's Annual Celebration of Learning Scheduled for May 7, 2015 at the Portland Expo

Ask students about what they have learned and how they have learned. Talk with teachers about their expeditions and teaching processes. Browse hundreds of expedition products from this academic year on exhibition at the Portland Expo. For more information about this event, contact Caitlin LeClair (leclac@portlandschools.org).

Individual Visitors are Welcome

Individual visits are arranged by agreement between the person requesting the visit and a hosting staff person. If there is a classroom or an individual that you would like to visit, please contact that staff person directly.




Directions to King
Expedition Planning Resources
School Anchor Documents
Expedition Planning Resources at King
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Visitor Resources
Presentation and Seminar Resources
Expeditionary Learning at KMS 2013
Remembering What We Know
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Making the Pieces, Making the Puzzle
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Fading Footprints
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Representing to Learn
- Documentary of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Learning Expeditions and resources.