Visiting King

King Site Seminar 2017
Thursday, May 4th & Friday, May 5th

About King
King Middle School is a high-achieving and innovative EL Education Mentor School located in Portland, Maine. As one of the most racially, culturally, and economically diverse public schools in Maine, King includes all students in authentic work and expects everyone to succeed.  


What to Expect
During the Site Seminar we will share how King maintains a vibrant culture of continuous improvement.  The institute will showcase learning expeditions that are tied to state and Common Core standards, are enriched with authentic fieldwork experiences and contain high-quality products. We will also examine how standards-based grading and Habits of Work and Learning have been successfully integrated into our school.


Thursday 5/4/17
  • Focus: Learning Expeditions
  • Topics:
    • Student Tours
    • Crew
    • Expedition Planning
    • Authentic Fieldwork 
    • High Quality Final Products
    • Celebrations of Learning
    • EL Education as a School Design                      

Friday 5/5/17

  • Focus: Standards-Based Grading and Habits of Work and Learning
  • Topics
    • Generating Standards 
    • King’s Grading Guide
    • Habits of Work and Learning
    • Formative and Summative Assessment Strategies
    • Student Engaged Assessment
    • School Leadership Structures

The cost of the Site Seminar $400 per person for both days (breakfast and lunch provided both days).  Please register using the link below.  


For further information,  contact Peter Hill, Instructional Guide, at or (207) 874 8140

Attend a Day-long Professional Development Seminar at King Middle School

King welcomes hundreds of visitors every year. These daylong professional development seminars are conducted by King's leadership team and can be designed to meet your school's needs. Visitors often come to learn about our EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) model, standards-based grading design, and Habits of Work and Learning curriculum. In addition to these topics, participants interact with students and teachers, explore how King maintains a culture of continuous improvement, and consider what changes could be made at the participants' schools.

Leadership teams and teaching teams are encouraged to attend. To inquire about up-coming seminars, or to arrange a professional development seminar, contact Peter Hill (
 at (207) 874-8140 with any questions or to arrange a visit.